Welcome to Grand Slam Sports

Whether you are a long-term hobbyist or simply rediscovering an old pastime, Grand Slam Sports has provided sports cards, supplies, and advice since 1993. Our staff is passionate about the hobby and will provide best-in-class service.

Trade Night June 15th 5-8pm!!

The Grand Slam Experience

Our mission is to provide you with a best-in-class experience. When choosing where you decide to purchase sports cards and memorabilia, we know you have choices. We have a variety of options to meet your collecting goals

Brick and Mortar in Chagrin Falls, Ohio - within the Cleveland metropolitan area

Online sales for the newest product hitting the stores

Online case / box breaks - visit our partners at Money Ball Break$

Consignment - if you don't want the hassle of selling your product, we'll sell it for you!

Sell us your collection - exiting the hobby or want to cash-out, give us a call! We'll help you strategize how to liquidate your collection. 

We look forward to earning your business! Call with any questions you have.

Meet the Team

Grand Slam Dream Team!

Jeff Milliron, Kaysie Milliron, Todd Carter, Doug Wolfe, Trevor Lazor

Jeff Milliron and Todd Carter have joined forces to continue the legacy of Joe Hocevar at Grand Slam Sports Cards in Chagrin Falls, Ohio - just outside of Cleveland. Joe opened the shop in 1993 and provided an outstanding experience for all customers through 2020. 

Jeff and Todd began a working relationship in June 2019, starting a box / case breaks group called Money Ball Break$. The room has grown to over 3,100 members and exhibits a strong community of some of the best collectors in the hobby. When the opportunity arose to expand with Grand Slam Sports Cards, Jeff and Todd couldn't resist. 

Jeff Milliron, General Manager: 

I have collected cards throughout my life since the age of 10. Some of my fondest memories as a child are traveling around with my mom to card shows and gathering autographed memorabilia of sports legends. As an adult, I have been an avid collector of sports cards and memorabilia through various channels (online, card shows, retail stores). I currently serve as room administrator to operate Money Ball Break$ and am very excited about the opportunity to help you meet your collection goals. 

Todd Carter, Principal:

I remember the days of trading baseball and Pokémon cards with neighborhood friends... no top loaders of course (ugh!). During high school and college, much of my focus was on academics and sports so I took a break from sports card collecting. Once getting into my professional career (2013), I fell back in love with the hobby and started to learn more and more about the hobby (i.e. top products as investor, card grading, how to evaluate future prospects). I've learned more with Money Ball Break$ than I've ever known and look forward to helping share some of those learnings with you at Grand Slam Sports Cards. 

Doug Wolfe, Associate:

Doug is very passionate about the hobby, particularly baseball prospecting with bowman products. He is a full-time photographer with 2 children and a great family man. He breaks in Money Ball Break$ in addition to working in the shop.

Trevor Lazor, Associate:

Trevor is very passionate about all things Pokémon and his dedication has already been shown to the local customers he's helped at Grand Slam Sports Cards. He enjoys teaching the Pokémon community new and seasoned collectors about how Pokémon collecting differs from sports card collecting. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys soccer, video games and his pet chameleon Herb.


Located just outside of Cleveland, OH, in Chagrin Falls, right off of exit 23 from highway 422

Flagship Store Address

17800 Chillicothe Rd Suite 110, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

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